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1.) Atmosphere is the air or body of gas surrounding a body.

2.) Nearly correct or exact is approximate.

3.) An analytic or interpretative literary composition is a(n) essay .

4.) Of or relating to acoustics or sound is audio .

5.) Another word for disappointment is frustration.

6.) To represent in words is to express .

7.) Experience is direct participation in events.

8.) Tranquil means free from agitation, disturbance, or turmoil.

9.) Pipes, fixtures, and other objects concerned with the distribution and use of water is plumbing .

10.) A transistor is an electronic device similar to an electron tube consisting of a small block of a semiconductor that has at least 3 electrodes.

11.) A convience is freedom from discomfort.

12.) Inclement means severe; stormy.

13.) The amount of energy is the intensity.