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Teacher Section

This is a prime resource for you.

This section includes lesson plans, tests, and answers that relateto the various units on the Laurel Lake website.

This site is designed as an instructional Internet resourcetool in science, math, language arts, and social studies.

Lessons can be printed out as well as tests. Answers are usedto score tests.

An online glossary is available. Students merely clickthe underlined word and a definition will be available.

We would appreciate feedback on how you used the site andif it was successful for you in your classroom.

This site is constantly undergoing revision.

MammalsMammals Lesson PlansMammals TestMammals Test Answers
BirdsBirds Lesson PlansBirds TestBirds Test Answers
Reptiles and AmphibiansReptiles and Amphibians Lesson PlansReptiles and Amphibians TestReptiles and Amphibians Test Answers
FishFish Lesson PlansFish TestFish Test Answers
InsectsInsects Lesson PlansInsects TestInsects Test Answers
Crustaceans, Mollusks, and ArachnidsCrustaceans, Mollusks, and Arachnids Lesson PlansCrustaceans, Mollusks, and Arachnids TestCrustaceans, Mollusks, and Arachnids Test Answers
PlantsPlants Lesson PlansPlants TestPlants Test Answers
MicroorganismsMicroorganisms Lesson PlansMicroorganisms TestMicroorganisms Test Answers
MathMath Lesson PlansMath TestMath Test Answers
Language Arts
Language Arts "The Big One" Lesson Plans Vocabulary Test For "The Big One" Answers For "The Big One"
Language Arts "Jackson Lake" Lesson PlansVocabulary Test For "Jackson Lake"Answers For "Jackson Lake"
Social Studies
Social Studies Counties of West Virginia Lesson Plans Counties of West Virginia Test Answers For Counties of West Virginia Test
Social Studies Comparing 2 Maps Lesson Lesson Plans Comparing 2 Maps Test Answers For Comparing 2 Maps Test
Social Studies Mingo County Map Lesson Plans Mingo County Map Test Answers For Mingo County Map Test