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Name:_________________________________________ Class:_____________

1.) A(n) _________________ is either of a pair of appendages borne at the base of a leaf.

2.) ______________ is the edible reproductive body of a seed.

3.) A(n) ______________ is a tree or shrub that grows cones.

4.) A(n) _________________ is the nut of an oak tree.

5.) The cover suspended above the ground as in a forest is a(n) ______________ .

6.) The ornate, reproductive part of a plant having male and female parts is a(n) ____________ .

7.) A(n) ____________ is a covered projection or division that is usually round.

8.) _____________________ means made up of two or more factors.

9.) __________________ are the petals of a flower making up the inner floral envelope.

10.) ___________________ is a colorless, odorless, gaseous element that constitutes 78% of the earth's atmosphere.

11.) A soluable astringent of plant origin used in tanning or dyeing is ______________________ .

12.) _________________ is an oily toxic substance found in poison ivy and related plants.

13.) Plants present at all seasons of the year are __________________________ .

14.) _______________ are rootlike structures.

15.) ___________________________ is a colorless, flammable, gaseous unsaturated hydrocarbon.

16.) A remedy for all ills is a(n) _____________________.

17.) An organism living in or on another organism is a(n) ________________________________.