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1.) Protozoans are any of a phyllum or subkingdom of minute protoplasmic acellular or unicellular animals with varied morphology.

2.) An organism with a temporary protrusion or retrievable process of protoplasm of a cell is a(n) pseudopod .

3.) The moveable segmented organ of sensation of insects, myriapods and crustaceans is a(n) antenna .

4.) Flagellum is a long tapering process that projects singly or in groups from a cell and is the primary organ of motion of many microorganisms.

5.) Cellia is the hairlike projections surrounding a microorganism enabling it to move.

6.) The basic unit of all living things is a(n) cell .

7.) Fission is the splitting or breaking into parts.

8.) Chlorophyll is the green photosynthetic coloring matter of plants.

9.) The process by which green plants make food is photosynthesis .

10.) A(n)contractile vacuole is an opening in a unicellular organism that contracts regularly to discharge fluid from the body.