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Name:_________________________________________ Class:_____________

1.) Animals with backbones are ___________________ .

2.) An external membranous process of an aquatic animal (such as a fish) used for propelling or guiding the body is a(n)________________________ .

3.) A sac containing gas in fishes that assists in respiration and buoyancy is a(n) _________________ _______________.

4.) _______________ is the tendency of a body to float.

5.) The _______________ __________ is the essential organ of hearing and equilibrium located in the temporal bone and innervated by the auditory nerve.

6.) One half of a sphere is a(n) ___________________ .

7.) To ______________________ means to produce or deposit eggs.

8.) The male reproductive cells are ________________ .

9.) The female reproductive cells are ___________________ .

10.) The joining of sperm and egg cells resulting in a new individual is to _______________ .

11.) ________________ is an animal taken by a predator for food.

12.) ___________________ is plant life forms.

13.) A slender tactile process on the lips of fish is a(n)__________________ .

14.) ___________________ is of, situated in, or on the chest.