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1.) Mollusks make up the largest group of water animals.

2.) Animals without backbones are invertebrates .

3.) A(n) exoskeleton is the external supportive covering of an animal.

4.) The part of the body located between the ear and the abdomen is the thorax .

5.) Pedipalps are either of the second pair of appendages of an arachnid that are near the mouth and are modified for a special function.

6.) A(n) spinneret is an organ as of a spider or caterpillar for producing threads of silk from the sectetions of silk glands.

7.) An animal taken by a predator for food is prey .

8.) A piece or part or fragment of something is a(n) segment.

9.) Anterior means situated before or toward the front.

10.) One of a series of small unspecialized appendages under the abdomen of many crustaceans are best developed in some decapods and are used in some cases for swimming or carrying eggs are swimmerets.

11.) Nocturnal means active at night.

12.) A flexible, elongated tactile process chiefly on the head or mouth is a(n) tentacle.

13.) A(n) gill is an organ for obtaining oxygen from water.

14.) Any of a long, sharp tooth is a(n) fang.

15.) A posionous substance secreted by some animals such as snakes, scorpions, or spiders is venom.