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1.) Birds that move from one place to another are migratory .

2.) Fledglings or brood are baby birds.

3.) Birds that hunt at night are said to be nocturnal .

4.) A(n) crest is made up of feathers on top of a bird's head used for protection when it is threatened .

5.) Birds incubate eggs by sitting on them so they can hatch by warmth.

6.) A bird's plumage is the entire coat of its feathers.

7.) Birds forage for food by browsing.

8.) A(n) raptor is a bird of prey.

9.) The talon of a bird of prey is its claw.

10.) nectar is a sweet liquid found in flowers.

11.) The bill of a bird is its beak .

12.) DDT is a colorless, odorless water insoluable chrystalline insecticide that tends to collect in ecosystems.

13.) Male ducks are drakes .

14.) Ducks and other waterfowl have webbed feet .

15.) A male turkey is a(n) tom .

16.) Baby turkeys are called poults .

17.) A(n) waddle is a piece of loose skin that begins beneath a male turkey's jaw and extends down his neck.