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The Ernest Hemingway Test

Name:____________________________________ Class_______ Date ________

Answer these questions in complete sentences.

1.) What was the title of Hemingway's Pulitzer Prize novel in 1952?

2.) How many wives did Hemingway have and what were their names?

3.) Which of Hemingway's novels depicts a group of Americans disillusioned by war?

4.) In what year did Hemingway receive the Nobel Prize for Literature?

5.) Which of Hemingway's novels is about Americans opposing fascists?

6.) In which year was Hemingway's first published works?

7.) In which Florida city did Hemingway live for ten years?

8.) Which of Hemingway's novels was about a tragic love story set in Italy?

9.) Name 3 of Hemingway's works that were published posthumously.

10.) Describe the Hemingway hero.

11.) Name 3 members of the "Lost Generation".

12.) How did Hemingway die?