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Trees are the largest of all plants. Trees provide us with shade, food, and lumber. Trees have the capability to make their own food. The trees of Laurel Lake are like those of other deciduous forest trees.Trees native to West Virginia are well represented in the Laurel Lake area.

Trees continue to grow as long as they live. A tree'sleaves make food that keeps the tree alive and assists inthe growing process. Trees rest during the winter monthsand grow flowers and leaves during the spring. Flowersgrow into cones or fruits, which contain seeds for makingnew trees.

A trees basic anatomy may be seen in the drawing.

There are many kinds of trees but most belong to two main groups: needle leaf and broad leaf trees.

Some of the best represented trees of the Laurel Lakearea are: Scotch Pines, Northern Red Oaks, Yellow Poplars, American Beeches, Flowering Dogwoods, Red Mulberries, Sugar Maples,