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Sugar Maples

The sugar maple was designated the official state tree of West Virginia on June 18, 1949. The sugar maple grows in theLaurel Lake area.

The bark of the sugar maple is smooth brown to gray, yet the mature trees exhibit bark broken into plates. Sugar maples grow higher than 100 feet with a diameter between 3 and 5 feet.

The leaves of the sugar maple measure between 3 to 5inches across with 5 pointed lobes. Sugar maples display a wide range of brilliant colors in the autumn ranging from yellow to orange to deep red. The sugar maple has no stipules, but has a rounded, dense crown.

The flowers are yellowish-green and appeal in April and May. The fruit ripens in the fall and consists of a two-winged samara. The sugar maple prefers moist soils of uplands and valleys.

The wood of the sugar maple is heavy, strong, hard, andis used extensively for furniture, flooring, etc.

The sap from the sugar maple is used in the production of maple syrup and maple sugar.