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Northern Red Oaks

The red oak commonly occurs throughout the Laurel Lake area. It grows to a height between 60 and 90 feet witha diameter between 2 and 4 feet. Some Red Oaks have been known to grow even larger. The Red Oak has shallowcupped acorns and dull green leaves.

The forest grown red oak has smooth bark, thick withshallow fissures into regular surfaced plates. Leaves are alternateand grow between 5 and 9 inches with 5 to 7 shallow, wavy lobes with irregular bristle-like teeth. The leaves are dull green above and dulllight green underneath andturn brilliant red in the autumn of the year. Like other oaks, flowers occur in the fall as well.

The bark is dark gray to black with rough, furrowed ridges.

The wood is coarse grained, hard, and strong. The woodhas reddish brown heartwood. The wood is sawed into lumber capable of use in mine timbers or in fine furniture.