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Red Mulberry

The red mulberry is a common tree in West Virginia.It is easily distinguishable by its unique red fruit andits irregular shaped leaves. The trunk of the red mulberryis short and straight with a diameter between 10 and 20 inches.

The bark is very thin, brown-to-gray, and peels in large thin flakes.

Leaves of the red mulberry appear in alternate patterns, are thin rounded, 3 to 5 inches long, hairy above and below. Leaves have 3 main veins, 3 lobes, and saw-toothed edges. Leaves of the red mulberry are sandpapery above and hairy beneath. Tiny1/8 inch flowers appear in spring.

The fruit of the red mulberry is black to red and resembles a blackberry. The fruit is edible and is an excellentbird and game food.

The bark is brown and fissured into scaly plates.

The wood is soft, light orange in color, and durable in contact with the soil.