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Eastern Red Bud

The Eastern red bud is a small tree which occurs throughout the state of West Virginia and in the LaurelLake area. This tree is sometimes called the Judas tree because it has an oriental relative by that exact name.

The Eastern red bud grows to a diameter between 6 and12 inches and to a height of near 40 feet.

The leaves of the Eastern red bud are heart shaped, entire,alternate, 3 to 5 inches long, glossy green to brightclear yellow in autumn.

In April, bright purplish-red pea shaped flowers appearon the branches of the Eastern Red Bud. The hills areadorned with a beautiful array of colors due to this species.

The Eastern red bud produces an oblong fruit which resembles a flattened pod. This pod contains many seeds. These pods remain on the trees during the winter months.

The wood of the Eastern red bud is not durable and hasno commercial value. The wood, however, is heavy and dark brown in color.