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Mingo County

You can view the map of Mingo County, West Virginia. The county has several towns. Mingo county borders Kentucky to the West. Compare positions on the map and notice where the towns are located in relation to other towns in Mingo County.

Observe the map:

Mingo County was formed from part of Logan County and got its name from the Mingo Indian tribe of which Logan was the famous chief. Mingo is the youngest of West Virginia's counties.

Williamson was incorporated in 1905 by a special charter of the Legislature. The city was named for its founder Wallace J. Williamson who at one time owned most of the land the city occupies.

Williamson is the county seat of Mingo county. Notice that Kermit is located in the Northwestern part of Mingo County. Williamson, Matewan, and Kermit are all located on the Westernmost boundary of the county. This western boundary is the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River.