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Flowers are beautiful parts of plants that are found practically anywhere on earth.Only the most frigid climates do not have flowers. Flowers are the reproductive parts of plants.

Most flowers have 4 major parts: pistils, stamens, calyxes, and corollas.

The pistil is the female, seed bearing part of the flower. Most flowers have 2 or more pistils. Compound pistils are just known as a pistil. The pistil has 3 parts:the stigma, the style, and the ovary. The ovary contains one or more ovules.

The stamen is the male, pollen-producing part of the flower. Often stamens are the most attractive parts of a flower. The stamen has 2 parts:the anther and the filament.

The calyx is made up of sepals. Usually these are green in color.

The corolla is the colorful part of the flower that includes petals.