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Weasels are found throughout the Laurel Lake areaand the entire United States. The weasel has a sharp sense of smell and sight. They are excellent hunters andare recognized as carnivores, but have been known to include fruits and berries in their diet.

Weasels belong to the family which includes ferrets,skunks, badgers, and otter. Weasels prey upon animalsof various sizes, even animals larger than themselves.Weasels sever their victims spinal cord with two quick bites to the prey's neck at the base of the skull.

Weasels can climb trees. They can follow a mouse intoa very small hole.

Weasels live in many diverse environments. Weasels construct their dens under tree stumps,in rock piles, or in abandoned rodent burrows.

Weasels are nocturnal and remain active in winter. They store food in dens.

Weasels vary in reproduction habits. Some varieties have a relatively short gestation period of 34 to 37 dayswhile other breeds take as long as 280 days to reproduce young. Average litters range from 1 to 7 offspring. By the time they are born, they only weigh about 3 grams. They are pink at birth. They are weanedat 36 days old and are able to kill their own prey at 56 days old. Females mate their first summer, but maleswait until the second spring.