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Trout are fish that are closely related to salmon. Trout are native to the Northern hemisphere. Laurel Lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout.

There are two types of trout: true trout and other trout.

Rainbow trout are true trout. They have black spots on their bodies. In nature, true trout move from the sea to freshwater streams to spawn. Since Laurel Lake is far removed from the sea, rainbow trout are brought in and have adapted well to this aquatic environment. It is known that they do breed in the lake.

Other trout include brook trout, bull trout, and lake trout.

Most trout spawn in streams or rivers, but some spawn in lakes. The spawning in nature is similar to salmon in that trout in streams move upstream to breed. In lakes, females choose a shallow area where gravel is found on the lake bottom. When the female releases the eggs, the male releases sperm to fertilize the eggs. Once females have completed laying eggs, they cover the eggs with gravel and mud. Eggs usually hatch in approximately 2 months, and the offspring find their way out of the gravel to the water.