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Jackson Lake

Mr. Higgins shook his head in frustration as he looked at the stories submitted for the website. "Students today need more experience expressing themselves through writing," he thought. There was little time for him to ponder the idea now because he had to leave for the camping trip.

It had been awhile since he and his family had gone to the lake. "I can't wait to get back to the tranquil atmosphere of Jackson Lake," hethought.

Anyway, there was little time for daydreaming. It was 2:30 P.M., and Mr. Higgins had just dismissed his final class for the week.

Mr. Higgins was to meet his wife, Audrey, and his son, Bill, at the cabin they leased that evening. The drive would take approximately two hours through the Friday evening rush hour.

After placing his briefcase in the trunk of his Camry, along with the bags he carefully placed there the night before, Mr. Higgins started the motorof the car and began his two hour journey to the lake.

The car continued on the road to the lake. As he drove along, Mr. Higgins listened to the audio novel playing in the cassette player. It was a novel he'd hoped to actually read one day if he ever found the time.

Having arrived at the cabin, Mr. Higgins unpacked the car and put things away. He would again read the student essays while he waited for Audrey and Bill to arrive.

The cabin offered few conveniences. There were a few electrical outlets, two cots in each of the two bedrooms, and no indoor plumbing. Lucky for Mr Jim Higgins that he had his transistor radio along. He could hear the news taking place from the "real world" while he enjoyed the solitude the cabin offered.

As he read papers and listened to the radio, Mr. Higgins was alarmed to hear of a fast moving storm moving in the direction of Jackson Lake.

"Just what we needed," Mr. Higgins thought, "inclement weather." If only Audrey and Bill could beat the storm."

Suddenly, the rain started to fall. Jim Higgins peered through the cabin window toward the road. There was no sign of his family.

The storm gathered in intensity. Now there was lightning and thunder. The cabin lights began to flicker.

Minutes seemed like hours. Again and again, Jim Higgins ventured to the window with mounting desperation.

At last, the shroud of the night was lifted by the appearance of two lights in the distance. "It is an automobile," Jim thought.

Yes, it was the family minivan. The rain fell torrentially. Jim Higgins ran out to meet his family and help them get in out of the storm.

Finally, all were safe inside. "Some vacation," said Jim.

At least all are safe and out of the storm," replied Audrey.

Just then, the power was lost due to a lightning strike.