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Snails are animals with moist, soft bodies that are generally covered with coiled shells. Snails inhabit the Laurel Lake area.

Snails thrive practically everywhere. Snails live on land and in the water. Snails move by means of a muscular foot.The snail is a mollusk. The head of the snail has eyes, tentacles, tiny teeth, and a mouth.

The snails' diet includes decayed plant and animal matter. Snails are divided into 3 main groups:those that live in fresh water, those that live on land, and those that live in saltwater. The first two types are the ones that live in the Laurel Lake area.

Snails are important as a food source. In foreign countries, people eat snails. In the United States, snails serve as food for animals, birds, fish, and crustaceans.

Some snails have lungs and breathe oxygen from the air, while some freshwater snails have gills through which they breathe oxygen from the water.

Tropical freshwater snails carry worms that cause a disease called schistosomiasis. This disease kills thousands of people each year.