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Salamanders are shy, harmless animals that look like lizards. Salamanders are amphibians . They are related to toads and frogs.

Most Salamanders have moist, dark skin and are difficult to see in the natural environment . Some salamanders are brightly colored. The Salamander's long tail is used for swimming. Most Salamanders have 4 legs, but some have only 2 front legs and no other legs.

The salamander's diet includes worms and insects which it traps with its long tongues. Salamanders, like other amphibians, can not change their body temperature. They are cold-blooded animals.

A female salamander lays hundreds of eggs . Some species of salamander lay eggs in wather and some species lay eggs on land. The baby salamanders are called larvae. Salamander larvae looks like tadpoles of frogs having gills. Salamander larvae change to adults in a process called metamorphosis . This metamorphosis can be as short as 40 days or as long as 5 years. Once metamorphosis is completed, adults breathe throught lungs instead of gills.