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Goldfinches have been observed in the Laurel Lake area. They are attractive songbirds who are often called the wild canary because of their lovely songs. The most commonspecies in America is the American goldfinch. They are found over most of the United States and southern Canada.

Goldfinches aremigratory birds that return to the north in April.

The American goldfinch is about 5 inches long. The male and female goldfinch differ in their color. The male has a bright yellow body with a black patch on itshead. The female has an olive-brown feathery coat above and yellowishfeathery coat below. They weave plant fibers and thistledown so tightly that their nests are cup shaped, and that enables them to hold water. They nest between July through September. After mating, the female lays from 3 to 6 pale blue or bluish-white eggs.Females incubate the eggs 12 to 14 days while the male maintains a constant guard. Fledglings leave the nest within 16 days of age.Goldfinches raise their nestlings almost entirely onseeds.

They like company. They gather in small groups on a branch to bask in the sun. Their song is soft and similar to that of a canary.