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Fish are vertebrates that breathe mainly through gills and live in water. There are more varieties of fish than all other land and water vertebrates put together. There are different types of freshwater fish in Laurel Lake.

Fish provide food for humans and animals. They are also used in the production of glue and other products such as fertilizers.

Fish move about by means of fins.

Fish are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Bass, trout, and bluegill live mostly in lakes.

Many types of fish have scales. Most jawfish have scales.

Most bony fish have an air bladder. This organ provides the fish with buoyancy.

Fish eyes are adapted to allow them to see left and right at the same time. All fish can hear sounds produced in the water. A fish's inner ear contains otholiths (ear stones) and a fluid that assist in keeping balance. All fish have a sense of smell.

Some fish reproduce by laying eggs and others bear young alive.