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Crows are large black birds that make their home in the Laurel Lake area. These birds are very intelligent and have adapted themselves well to terrain that has been altered by man. Crows have been recognizedby farmers as "pests".

The crow grows between 17 and 21 inches in length. Crows often "scout-out" an area prior to feeding. If danger threatens the feeding flock, a number of sentinel birds sound an alarm.

Crows usually mate between February and May. Crows build nests of a platform of sticks, leaves, bark, and other shredded material. The female lays between 4 and 6eggs. The crow's eggs are greenish with brown specks.Both parents share the task of incubating the eggs. Following 18 days, the eggs hatch. Fledglingsleave thenest in about five weeks.

Crows residing in the colder northern areas migrateto the south in colder months.

In some areas, crows eat young birds and eggs. Crows are noted especially for destroying nests of waterfowl.Although these negative aspects of crows are recorded, they have not been credited with threatening the existence of any species. On the positive side, crows eat large quantities of grasshoppers, moths, grubs, or beetles. Crows also eat crustaceans, reptiles, and smallanimals.