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Bullfrogs are the largest frogs in North America and they areinhabitants of the Laurel Lake area. These amphibians are found throughoutthe lake and in Laurel Creek.

Bullfrogs grow to a length of more than 8 inches. The hind legs of the bullfrog may exceed 10 inches. Male bullfrogs croak or call out, females do not.

Following mating, the female bullfrog may lay up to 20,000 eggs that areblack and white in color. These eggs hatch in 7 to 20 days depending uponenvironmental conditions. The baby bullfrogs begin as tadpoles or polliwogs.The tadpoles have gills to breathe with and measure up to 6 inches in lengthprior to undergoing metamorphosis. Following metamorphosis, the 6 inch tadpolemay emerge as a 2 inch frog. Bullfrogs have lungs instead of gills followingthe metamorphosis.

The bullfrog's diet includes insects, fish, reptiles, other frogs, oranything they can get inside their mouths.