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Amphibians are vertebrates that have smooth, moist skin and no scales. Most amphibians live part of their life in water and part of their life on land.

Most amphibians do not exceed 6 inches in length. Most amphibians hatch from eggs laid in water or moist soil.Amphibians are cold-blooded and are usually smaller than other vertebrates. The larvae of most amphibians dwell inwater and breathe through gills. Through a process calledmetamorphosis, they change into adults. Some adult amphibians continue to live in the water.Most adults live on land and can live in the water as well. Adults breathe through lungs, if they areprimarily land-dwelling amphibians. Amphibians that live in the water breathe through gills,while some have both gills and lungs.

Amphibians can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Amphibians include newts, salamanders,caecilian, frogs and toads.